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Benefits of Botox Treatments

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Almost everyone has heard of Botox® cosmetic, one of the most requested aesthetic treatments in the world. While you may know that Botox can smooth away furrows on the brow, you may not know all the benefits of this cosmetic injectable. Did you know that Botox can be used for more than just wrinkle treatment? Here is more about this amazing cosmetic treatment and how it can help you look your best at any age.

What Is Botox?

Botox is derived from a neurotoxin that is created by the c. botulinum bacterium. This neurotoxin is called botulinum toxin A and it is used to impact muscle contractions. It was first FDA-approved back in the 1980s for controlling eye spasms and crossed-eyes. It works by blocking neurotransmitters to the muscles, relaxing the muscles. In 2002, it was first approved by the FDA for cosmetic treatment for frown lines, the “11s” that appear between the eyebrows when you frown. It is now used for many different cosmetic and medical treatments.

Hyperhidrosis Botox Treatment

Did you know that Botox can be used for controlling excess underarm sweating, or hyperhidrosis? Botox injections can relax the muscles that control the sweat glands, resulting in less sweating for those suffering from this condition.

Migraine Treatment

Botox has been FDA-approved for treatment of migraines. The injections can help reduce the number of migraines individuals experience each month, offering relief from these debilitating headaches.

Crow’s Feet Treatment

Botox was first approved for treatment of the glabellar lines on the brow, but it is also wonderful for other dynamic facial lines. The worry lines across the forehead can be reduced, as well as crow’s feet wrinkles on the outside corners of the eyes.

Botox Treatment in Reno, NV

At FEM Women’s Wellness, we are happy to offer our patients Botox treatments at our facility in the Carson City, Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV, area. Botox injections can be performed in about 15-20 minutes and there is no downtime needed after the treatment. Cosmetic results can take a few days to appear, and Botox effects wear off in about 3-4 months. To schedule a Botox consultation or treatment, contact our office to book your appointment.

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