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Female Sterilization

When a woman wants long-term or permanent birth control options, sterilization may be considered. Tubal ligation is the most common type of female sterilization performed, which is considered a permanent way to stop pregnancy. Often referred to as having your “tubes tied,” tubal ligation is a safe and effective way to prevent conception without needing to take birth control. Our gynecologists at FEM Women’s Wellness can perform female sterilization with tubal ligation at our facility in the Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV area.

What Is Tubal Ligation?

To fertilize an egg, sperm must be able to reach the egg once it is released from the ovaries. With tubal ligation, the fallopian tubes are blocked, stopping the egg and sperm from reaching each other. Tubal ligation can be completed with a few different methods. The tubes can be tied in a knot, thus the term “tubes tied.” They can also be shut with a clamp or other device or closed with the use of an electrical current.

Tubal ligation is a sterilization procedure that is considered permanent. Anyone who has this procedure done should be sure they do not want to have any children in the future. Many women have female sterilization performed after they have birth to prevent any more pregnancies. It is a good option for those who also want to avoid taking hormonal birth control or using other contraceptive methods until menopause.

Can Female Sterilization Be Reversed?

It is possible to have a tubal libation reversal procedure performed if a woman decides she wants to become pregnant. However, this procedure is not always successful. It is not recommended for women to have a tubal ligation unless they are positive they do not want children in the future. There are other long-term birth control options available, such as IUDs and implants, that can prevent pregnancy for years at a time.

If you want to explore female sterilization, our GYN specialists at FEM Women’s Wellness can discuss whether tubal ligation is right for you. Contact our clinic in the Reno, Lake Tahoe and Carson City, NV, area to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss permanent birth control options.

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