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Infertility Treatments

For any woman who has always dreamed of becoming a mother, experiencing infertility can be devastating. Many women spend years avoiding becoming pregnant, but when it is time to start a family, pregnancy is evasive. There are many possible causes of infertility and effective treatments to overcome pregnancy challenges. Our compassionate medical team at FEM Women’s Wellness offers infertility treatments at our facility in the Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV, area.

Causes of Female Infertility

Female infertility is diagnosed when a woman tries unsuccessfully for a year or longer to become pregnant. Infertility may also be diagnosed in women who are plagued by miscarriages when they do conceive. There are so many factors that can impact fertility in women. For those experiencing infertility, it can be a complex process to determine what is impacting why a woman is unable to become pregnant or bring a pregnancy to full term. Some possible factors that can cause infertility include:

  • Ovulation conditions -These can include hormone imbalance, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and primary ovarian insufficiency.
  • Uterus, cervical or fallopian tube conditions – Polyps, fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), cervical stenosis and damage to fallopian tubes.
  • Age – Women over the age of 35 can have a higher risk of difficulty becoming pregnant.
  • Weight – Obese or underweight women may experience infertility related to their weight and overall health.
  • Smoking – Female smokers may experience higher risk of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriages due to damage to the cervix and fallopian tubes.

Uncovering the cause of infertility is the first step for treatment. This can be a long process to eliminate possible causes – in some cases, women have unexplained infertility.

Exploring Female Infertility Options

There are many options to explore when pursuing infertility treatment. If there is an underlying condition that is impacting the ability to become pregnant, treatment of fibroids, polyps, endometriosis, PCOS, hormone imbalance and other disorders can be effective. Lifestyle changes may be recommended if there is not an identifiable cause of infertility, such as losing weight or quitting smoking or drinking alcohol.

If you are having difficulty getting pregnant, you may be experiencing infertility. Many women overcome infertility and go on to have healthy children. To explore infertility treatment, contact us at FEM Women’s Wellness in Reno, NV, to schedule your appointment.

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