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Vaginal Biopsy

When abnormal tissue is identified in the vagina or on the cervix, further exploration and testing may be required. Cancer is the biggest concern, and the best way to determine if an abnormal growth or collection of cells is cancerous is with a biopsy. If you have abnormal pap tests or a colposcopy identifies concerning tissue in your vaginal or cervical areas, a cervix or vaginal biopsy may be recommended. At FEM Women’s Wellness, we perform vaginal biopsy procedures at our facility in the Carson City, Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV, area.

A vaginal or cervix biopsy is an outpatient gynecological procedure that is used for diagnostic purposes. Abnormal tissue or tests may indicate the possibility of cancer, but until the tissue or cells are evaluated in a lab, cancer cannot be diagnosed. A biopsy removes a small sample of the tissue to send to the lab to be examined.

Vaginal biopsy can be performed with a punch or excision method, depending on the location and type of tissue. Both are performed through a transvaginal procedure, not requiring external incisions.

What to Expect During a Cervical Biopsy

If you are receiving a vaginal or cervical biopsy, you will receive medication to ensure you are not in discomfort during your procedure. We can perform a cervical or vaginal biopsy at our clinic. You will be placed on an exam table and our gynecologist will numb the area and cleanse the tissue before the biopsy is performed. A colposcope may be used to better view the tissue during the procedure. Depending on the abnormal tissue, either a small sample or the entire growth may be removed to send to the laboratory for examination.

Cancer concerns are the main reason for a vaginal or cervical biopsy. If there are abnormal warts, sores or patches of tissue that do not go away, biopsy is often the best way to detect whether there are cancerous or precancerous cells present. Early detection of cancer offers the best chance for effective treatment.

If you need a vaginal or vulvar biopsy, contact our team at FEM Women’s Wellness. We offer outpatient biopsy procedures for the cervix and vagina at our clinic. Call our office in the Reno and Lake Tahoe area to schedule a vaginal biopsy consultation.

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