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Mental Health Services

Every woman has unique challenges they face throughout their life. Many times, emotional support is difficult to find, resulting in mental health struggles. At FEM Women’s Wellness, we are focused on providing complete care for our female patients, offering healthcare for the body and mind. Our center in the Reno, NV, area offers a wide selection of mental health services for women, providing support for every stage of your life.

It is estimated that at least one in five American women will experience a mental health issue during the following year. This can include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders and many mental health conditions that are specific to women. It is important to understand how women process trauma, loss and changes in their life. Our goal is to provide the mental health and emotional support our patients need to live their best life at every phase.

Compassionate Women’s Mental Health Care

At FEM Women’s Wellness, we have compassionate mental health providers that specialize in women’s mental health. Our approach is unique as we provide mental health services that are designed specifically for women. Whether you are looking for individual counseling, family therapy or support groups, we have mental health services for every phase of a women’s life. To learn more about our services and therapists, visit the following pages on our website:

FEM Women’s Wellness offers healthcare designed to improve your mind and body. From gynecological services and cosmetic treatments to emotional support for women of all ages, we are your source for compassionate women’s care in the Carson City, Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada, area.

If you need mental health support, we hope you will come see us at FEM Women’s Wellness. We have women’s mental health services provided by experienced, caring therapists that understand the challenges women face and we offer both in person and virtual options for mental health treatment to best meet the needs of our clients. Contact us today to discuss our services and consider a consultation with one of our mental health specialists.

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