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Endometriosis Treatment

Endometriosis is a common cause of pelvic pain for women. This condition occurs when uterine tissue grows outside of the uterus. This can affect the ovaries, fallopian tubes and other organs, usually occurring in the pelvic area. The fluctuations in hormones can affect this displaced tissue, resulting in pain and other issues. At FEM Women’s Wellness, we offer effective options in endometriosis treatment at our facility in the Reno and Lake Tahoe, NV, area.

Endometriosis Causes and Symptoms

The uterine tissue is designed to become thicker throughout the menstrual cycle to welcome a fertilized egg into the uterus, then shed blood during the menstrual period. When endometriosis occurs, the uterine tissue still acts the same, even outside the uterus. The tissue can swell and bleed, creating inflammation and discomfort. Scar tissue can also occur from inflammation and irritation from the uterine tissue. The exact cause of endometriosis is not known, but genetics, surgical scarring, hormone balance and retrograde menstruation can be factors.

The most common symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain, which is more pronounced during menstrual periods. Pain may also occur in the lower back. Some patients may experience painful sexual intercourse or bowel movements. The scar tissue that occurs from the irritation and inflammation can result in infertility for some women.

Endometriosis Pain Relief

There are many options for endometriosis treatment, from hormone therapy and pain management options to surgical procedures. Many women are able to control their endometriosis pain and discomfort using oral hormonal medications, including hormone contraceptives. Surgical treatment options can include laparoscopic removal of the uterine tissue or complete hysterectomy. The right treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms and whether the patient intends on future pregnancies.

If you have symptoms of endometriosis, there are treatments that can provide pain relief. To schedule an exam for diagnosis and treatment options, contact our team at FEM Women’s Wellness. Call our medical center in the Reno and Lake Tahoe area to book your appointment.

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