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Hydrothermal Ablation (HTA)

The endometrium is the inner lining of the uterus and what controls the menstrual bleeding. In women who experience long or heavy periods, destroying the uterine lining or endometrium can be effective in reducing their irregular periods. Endometrial ablation is the procedure used to destroy or remove the endometrium, which can be performed with a hydrothermal method. FEM Women’s Wellness offers hydrothermal ablation (HTA) at our facility in the greater Reno/Lake Tahoe, NV, area.

Women who have had chronic heavy or long periods that are through their child-bearing years may consider HTA for treatment. Most gynecologists will first suggest less invasive treatments such as IUDs or birth control to reduce unusually heavy periods. If these methods are not effective, HTA may be an option. This procedure uses heated water to destroy the endometrium during a minimally invasive surgery.

How Is Hydrothermal Ablation Performed?

HTA is usually performed with the patient under local or general anesthesia. There are no incisions – the devices used to complete the ablation of the uterine lining are inserted vaginally. The small probes and cameras are inserted up through the vagina and cervix into the uterus. A flush of saline water is delivered into the uterus, and the probe begins to heat the water to a higher temperature. The camera allows the GYN specialist to gauge when the endometrium is destroyed. The uterus is then flushed with a cooling solution.

The hydrothermal ablation procedure takes about a half an hour to perform. Patients should expect to rest for two days after their HTA – the most common symptoms after the procedure are mild cramping and a watery discharge. In the following months, menstrual periods usually lighten significantly – up to 40% of woman experience complete cessation of their periods after HTA.

If you have unusually heavy or long menstrual periods that are impacting your health or quality of life, come see us at FEM Women’s Wellness. We can schedule a consultation with one of our experienced gynecologists to discuss whether hydrothermal ablation or other treatments are right for you. Contact our office in the Carson City, NV, area to book your appointment.

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