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Dark Spots and DiscolorationTreatments

Even, toned skin looks youthful and attractive, but it is hard to keep skin flawless as you get older. From acne scars to hyperpigmentation and age spots, the pigmentation of your skin changes over the years. If you have uneven coloration in your skin, there are cosmetic treatments that can create the even tone you desire. At FEM Women’s Wellness, we offer dark spots and discoloration treatments at our clinic in the Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV, area.

What Causes Skin Discoloration?

The skin contains pigment, or melanin, that creates the color of your skin. Whether your skin tone is fair or dark, it can change in tone and color due to many different factors. Wounds to the skin can leave visible scars – the most common facial scars are from acne, which can be noticeable for decades after breakouts. Sun exposure can cause damage to the skin, leading to darker blotches and spots where melanin has accumulated. Hormonal changes can also affect the tone of your skin, including hormone fluctuations during pregnancy and menopause.

Skin Treatments for Flawless Skin

Relaxed patient during Morpheus8 treatmentPigmentation skin issues can be addressed with non-invasive treatments to remove the darker skin cells. There are a few different options available for improving the tone of your skin. Some of the skin treatments we offer for discoloration and dark spots include chemical peels, RF microneedling and IPL procedures.

Chemical peels can remove the top layer of skin, which can include damaged and darkened skin cells. RF microneedling is an advanced option for skin remodeling that stimulates collagen and skin repair, which can help improve the tone and tightness of your skin. IPL (intense pulsed light) is a laser treatment that can target and remove dark spots or discolorations, but this procedure is best used on lighter skin tones.

If you have age spots, acne scars or dark blotches on your skin and you want to explore treatment options, come see our aesthetic team at FEM Women’s Wellness. We offer non-surgical treatments for dark spots and discolorations – contact our office in the Reno and Lake Tahoe, NV, area to schedule a cosmetic skin treatment consultation.

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