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Processing Loss Therapy

Everyone experiences losses in their lives but the way each of us processes these losses may be different. There are expected stages and feelings that are associated with grief – if these are not possessed, grief can continue to have mental and physical impacts on your life. At FEM Women’s Wellness, we offer effective therapy for our patients coping with grief at any stage in our clinic in the Carson City, Reno and Lake Tahoe, NV, area.

Grief is the reaction to loss, but not only from death. Any type of loss can result in the anger and sadness that comes with grief. Whether it is losing a parent or child, or the dissolution of a marriage or friendship, grief can take a significant toll on your mental health if the loss is not processed with validation and support. To effectively process a loss, it is important to go through the expected phases of grief that may include denial, anger, bargaining and depression to finally reach a place where you can cope with your grief in a way that feels more manageable and sustainable. However, not everyone experiences all these phases or has a linear path to overcoming their grief and so it is important to have individualized support.

Methods for Coping with Grief

It is natural to grieve but there is a difference between normal grieving and unhealthy grief effects. When grief manifests into physical effects such as weight loss, sleep disorders or mental health disorders, therapy may be needed to overcome and process the loss. The methods used for coping with grief and loss may be different for each person. At FEM Women’s Wellness, we provide a personalized therapy plan for each patient to achieve the desired outcome.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Grief can be insurmountable in any circumstance and the loss of a pregnancy or infant is certainly no exception. Experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death can have a great impact on your mental health and having support from nonjudgmental and appropriately trained providers is key to your healing. At FEM, our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is Perinatal Mental Health-Certified and able to provide therapy, medication management and appropriate holistic care to support your mental health during this difficult time.

If you are having trouble coping with grief, contact our mental health team at FEM Women’s Wellness to schedule a consultation.

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