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Fine Lines and Wrinkles Treatment

Your skin is a complex structure that changes as you get older. About 80% of the skin is collagen, a vital protein that keeps the skin firm and supple. There are also elastin, hyaluronic acid and other elements that contribute to the volume and elasticity of youthful skin. The skin becomes thinner and less elastic as you age, resulting in creases, lines and wrinkles. At FEM Women’s Wellness, our cosmetic team offers fine lines and wrinkles treatment at our clinic in the Reno and Lake Tahoe, NV, area.

The most common places where lines and wrinkles occur include the forehead, eyes, nasolabial folds, lips and neck. Some lines are caused by creases in the skin when the facial muscles move, such as the crow’s feet on the outer eyes or glabellar lines (11s) between your eyebrows. Other wrinkles appear from sagging, thin skin. Treatment for wrinkles can range from cosmetic injections to collagen induction and laser procedures, which we offer at FEM Women’s Wellness.

Cosmetic Injectables for Wrinkle Reduction

Neuromodulators like Botox® are wonderful for certain types of wrinkles. Botox can be used to smooth frown and worry lines on the forehead or eliminate crow’s feet around the eyes. Botox relaxes the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles, which can be effective for the temporary reduction of these lines.

Dermal filler injections are also effective for certain fine lines and wrinkles. Plumping the skin can add the needed volume under lip lines, nasolabial folds and under-eye wrinkles.

Rejuvenating Skin Treatments

Lumecca ApplicatorThere are many skin treatments that can rejuvenate the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and other signs of aging. We offer multiple skin treatments to make your face and neck look years younger without incisions or invasive procedures. These include RF microneedling (Morpheus8), chemical peels and IPL treatments that can induce collagen production and repair the skin.

If you want to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, come see us at FEM Women’s Wellness. We offer the latest facial rejuvenation procedures for gorgeous, youthful skin. Contact the cosmetic department at our medical center in the Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV, area to schedule a wrinkle reduction consultation.

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