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Recognizing the Signs of Depression

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Did you know that one in five women will likely experience depression? Female depression is common, often triggered by physical changes that impact controlling emotions. Clinical or major depression are much more than sadness. These are debilitating conditions that can last for weeks, months or years. It is important to recognize the signs of depression and seek treatment for your mental and physical well-being.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a state of mind that impacts your mental and physical health. It is normal to have ups and downs or to be sad – having a bad day or even a few bad days in a row is not depression. When symptoms of depression last for two weeks or longer, this is diagnosed as depression. While every person may have a different combination of symptoms, the following are common signs of depression in women.

Crying or Bouts of Sadness
When you suddenly find yourself crying or feeling uncontrollably sad for no apparent reason, this could be a sign of a depression disorder.

Weight or Eating Changes
Depression can change your appetite and weight. Some people may have no appetite and begin losing weight. Others may binge eat due to their despair and gain weight when suffering from depression.

Lack of Interest
If you suddenly are not interested in activities that you always enjoyed before, this can be a sign of a mood disorder like depression. Many people stop doing hobbies or attending events when they become depressed or enjoy them less than they did in the past.

Dramatic Mood Swings
Becoming angry or irritable with others for no reason can indicate depression. While mood swings are not abnormal for women, especially when hormone fluctuations occur, they should not last for weeks on end.

Suicidal or Unworthy Thoughts
Feeling unworthy and hopeless are signs of depression. Some women have feelings of guilt or constant worry. These feelings can lead to suicidal thoughts and contemplating death as a way out of depression.

Treatment for Depression

Clinical and major depression are serious mood disorders that can impact your health and quality of life. If you notice the signs of depression, it is vital to seek treatment. There are effective therapy and medication options available that can help control these mood disorders and give you back enjoyment of your life. At FEM Women’s Wellness, we offer depression treatment for women through our mental health department at our facility in Reno, NV. Call today to schedule a depression consultation with one of our therapists.

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