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Lab Testing

Many mental health issues such anxiety and depression are more than just in your mind. Your physical well-being impacts your mental health. When diagnosing mental health disorders, there are often physical factors that can indicate the best form of treatment. At FEM Women’s Wellness, we perform lab testing for accurate diagnosis of certain mental health disorders at our facility in the greater Reno and Lake Tahoe, NV, area.

No longer is diagnosing depression, PTSD and other mental health disorders solely completed through observation. There are biological factors that can indicate if a person is experiencing changes in their mental health. Blood tests are used for a variety of diagnostic and treatment parameters that can help determine the best treatment plan for each patient.

At FEM Women’s Wellness, we offer both women’s healthcare and mental health services. Our therapists understand that the body and mind work together, and both can affect the other. In some cases, physical ailments can be caused by mental health disorders or vice versa. Lab testing can be used to determine if there are imbalances in the body that may contribute to mental health problems or identify changes in the body caused by depression or other conditions.

Blood Work for Mental Health Treatment

From genetic factors to checking the thyroid and other organ function, blood work can help accurately diagnosis mental health condition and monitor treatment. Our experienced mental health specialists use the latest tools and technology to provide the best mental health support for our patients. Lab testing can indicate the best combination of treatments for patients to obtain better outcomes. We complete blood work routinely on our patients for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring medications to ensure the best results.

Mental health care has evolved and improved over the decades. We now understand more about the factors that can contribute to mental health. Blood work and lab testing can reveal biological elements that help diagnosis depression and other disorders, as well as indicate the best treatment options. FEM Women’s Wellness offers lab testing at our state-of-the-art wellness center in the greater Reno, Lake Tahoe and Carson City, Nevada, area. Contact our women’s wellness clinic to schedule an appointment.

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